Build skills with these features

From on-demand field guides to our unique mobile assignment workflow, Cascade makes it easy for teams to grow their skills together.

Field Guides

Grab any field guide in the system and use it on the job to learn and master new skills.

Multimedia Content

Add text, images, videos, assignments, and more using Cascade's browser-based editor.

Collaborative Editing

Invite other Cascade d users to help edit your field guides and create better content together.

Publish Notifications

Learners receive an email every time you publish, so they can quickly review what's changed.


Challenge learners to demonstrate skills and capture evidence for coaches to review.

Coaching Inbox

Quickly respond to assignment submissions from one central inbox.

Analytics Insights

Learners see how they compare to others. Coaches and managers can check the progress of any learner.

Mobile Ready

Your entire learning network at your fingertips, wherever and whenever you need it.

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