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How it works

Use Cascade to build field guides — mobile collections of readings, photos, videos, and assignments that teach people new skills in the flow of daily work.


Experts start by creating field guides that teach others how to perform key job tasks.


Novices use field guides to practice new skills and submit assignments for expert coaching.


Managers and business owners track the results to see who's skilled up.

Expert-driven training content

Give your experts a platform to show their stuff. Instead of repeating themselves every time a new person joins the team, they turn that expertise into rich text and multimedia content that benefits everyone.

On-demand and continuous learning

Employees explore field guides created by their peers and immediately start learning wherever and whenever it's convenient for them. They can return as often as necessary to get help or pick up new skills.

Mobile assignments

Create assignments that challenge employees to use their skills in real world scenarios and document the evidence on their smartphones or computers. Learners can respond to customer scenarios, solve complex problems, or reflect on their work experiences.

Coach learners from anywhere

Experts receive notification when learners submit assignments and use the Coaching Inbox to review them. They provide personal feedback to learners and approve submissions or send them back for revision.

Track who's proficient — and who's not

Every field guide tells you which learners have completed their assignments and which ones are struggling. Review any learner's submissions to get full details, then take appropriate action.

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